Future Sights, LLC is proud to introduce an exclusive program in Springfield, OH designed for individuals and families with less than perfect credit. First, if you do not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan Future Sights, LLC can provide the opportunity of home ownership in less than 18 to 24 months.

Namely, Future Sights, LLC can provide resources to help families and individuals to achieve homeownership by offering short term land contract agreement (recorded with county courthouse). Furthermore, to utilize an external stakeholder such as reputable law firms that specializes in consumer credit repair. In addition, during a six-month time frame, the potential clients will work with the law firm on specific credit strategies to improve credit scores to obtain traditional financing. Moreover, the goal is having our clients refinance the land contract within 18-24 months and his or her own property with conventional financing Contact US to ask about our Rent-to-Own program today!